Located in Beautiful Fall City, Providing a Full Compliment of Equestrian Services

From a life-long love of horses, Jane Kawasaki has a proven track record of working with horses and students to help both develop and mature.  In 2002, Jane founded the Year Round Riding Program at Westwind Community Barn in Los Altos, CA.  SheJane receiving the Los Altos Proclamation developed the program from just a few camps to a program that supported over 100 riders.  Her dedication to teaching and strengthening the community earned her recognition from the greater community, including a a Formal Proclamation in 2013.

Jane moved her family and program to Fall City, WA in 2013 and began Windhorses to bring her unique skills as an equestrian instructor to the Greater Seattle area.

“For me, the emphasis is not just riding well, but the whole picture of good horsemanship,” explains Jane.

Read more about Jane’s history in this newspaper article.

Windhorses Operates out of Patterson Creek Farm in Fall City, WA

Patterson Creek Farm

Surrounded by a lush view in the Snoqualmie River valley, Windhorses operates out of the Patterson Creek Farm in Fall City, WA.  Horses thrive at Patterson Creek Farm with two feedings per day, and 10-hour turnout in large green pasture averaging 2.5 acres. This natural environment reduces the horse’s stress, restores herd spirit, and gives the horse freedom to roam, graze and be in harmony with other horses while under professional care and oversight.

You can find Patterson Creek Farm at  31022 SE Redmond Fall City Road, Fall City, Washington, 98024. You can reach Jane Kawasaki at 650-492-1620.